Consultations are a regular feature of our services.  Got garden questions? We got garden answers. Make a list of all your questions. From worms to Wisteria, Bronze Sculpture to baby beets, 'Apricot Beauty' Tulips, to Rosa 'Ballerina' we have answers.No question is too big or too small. We consult on the colors of your house, shapes of patios, workings of water features, sustainable water systems, and all other forms of garden functions and pleasures. In just one hour you can get answers that will keep you out of trouble and gardening for a year! A garden consultation is also, always our first step in large  or small garden design and installation projects.

Keeyla Meadows

                                                Gardens + Art


We are known for our award wining, widely published garden designs. The client, always comes first in the design process. Our clients get involved. We want your garden to be tailor made for you. Color is a key note of our design process - down to the detail of the colors of the petals of the flowers. You want a particular shade of salmon- You got it. We want you to love your plants, as well as all the features that bring out the joys of having a garden. Aside from being esthetically pleasing, artistically exuberant, our gardens are quite functional and committed to integrating green practices. We aim to be sustainably sound in practice, while sustaining high spirits. All times of the year are great for designing gardens. Take advantage of the winter months to focus on designing your garden. Making art features for a garden takes time making winter a  perfect time to give you a jump start on making garden features.


We have run a full scale landscape installation service for over thirty years. While your garden starts with a great design, it needs a great hand to build it. Being that our garden designs are quite site specific, there is detailed attention as to how the garden forms and plantings will fit the site. We are very 'hands on' process oriented in our approach. We  have our own crew, and work with professional construction crews depending on the requirements of the design. From stone work, art and water features, deck construction, retaining walls, columns, out door kitchens, and custom patios we have done it all and look forward to doing it again to make you a special garden paradise.


Gardens are enhanced by Art. We produce both site specific features such as gates, planters and 'art-ches' along with a selection of superb clay, bronze and mixed media sculptures. Water features are one way to get both sculpture and the pleasures of water into your garden. We have brought focus to many gardens with custom stone and sculptural water features. We also commemorate special occasions by integrating flowers or keepsakes into bronze sculpture.


We know that gardens are a work in progress. Design and installation are at the heart of creating a lasting garden. Attentive maintenance is what keeps the life force moving through the garden as it grows and evolves. Plant care is our specialty.